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((Up to 50% discount)) Twenty2 Bio Active Guarana Rush 450mg~ 100 vegetarian capsules

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Guarana is a Brazil plant. This plant is also scientifically known as Paullinia cupana.Its extract is widely used in popular sodas and  energy boosting products (eg: Red Bull & Monster). Guarana seen in many weight management products due to its caffeine content, which boosts our metabolism and fat burning ability. Besides this, guarana also shown to improve memory too.

*** Rich in antioxidants
*** Helps reduce fatigue
*** Boost your energy levels naturally
*** Improves mental clarity & focus
*** Promotes weight loss
*** May boost heart health
*** Enhance sports performance
*** Manufacture in a accordance to GMP, HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standard
*** Halal certified, fit for muslim consumption

瓜拉纳(Guarana)是巴西的植物。这种植物的科学名称为Paullinia cupana。其提取物被广泛用于流行的苏打水和能量增强产品(例如:Red Bull&Monster)。在许多减肥产品中出现瓜拉那因为它含咖啡因,可促进我们的新陈代谢和燃烧脂肪的能力。除此之外,瓜拉纳语还显示出改善记忆。

*** 富含抗氧化剂
*** 有助于减少疲劳感
*** 自然提高您的能量水平
*** 有助于提高头脑清晰度和注意力
*** 有助于减肥
*** 有助于改善心脏健康
*** 提升运动表现
*** 高素质原料和高规格GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001和ISO 22000生产,品质的保证
*** 清真,穆斯林适用

***Net Weight: 100 vegetable capsule/bottle.
***Preparation suggestion: Direct oral intake
***Serving size: 1-2 capsules daily.    
***Serving per box: 50 servings
***Storage condition: Store below 30 degree Celsius. Protect from light and moisture.
***Color, texture, smell and taste may slightly vary from batch to batch due to the properties of all natural ingredients used.
***This is a traditional medicine.
***Please consult your pharmacist/doctor before taking this product.
*** Keep out of reach of children.
***Insufficient reliable date for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
***Order is recommended to place minimum 2 days prior to delivery
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