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The jelly stick is in bright orange in color and it taste a bit tangy and sweet probably because of the concentrated natural fruit juice. One tip, it taste a whole lot better when refrigerated! I love love them when it is cold because somehow it taste sweeter :) I usually take them when I crave for snacks at night..haha so by having this to replace my late snacks feels a lot better :D I tested the collagen in the middle of Aidilfitri celebration. It is because the food consumed during Hari Raya contains lot of fats, cholesterol and so much more so I usually will broke out during that period for having so much junk consumed. I didn't realize it at first that I had no breakouts at all during Hari Raya! It was later when I saw my selfie pictures that I finally realize it. I did stop consuming the rest of the sticks until last week and omgosh, so much breakouts though I did my skincare routine like usual. So I'm resuming the rest of the sticks now and no more breakouts until today :)







I experience visible changes after consuming CollASTA Jelly for a month. I usually have hormonal acnes (a lot) during my PMS, after having one month of CollASTA Jelly, my hormonal acne reduced. I see less oil produced on my face and I am very happy to see that. Tho, one month is not enough to see huge different, but I am already liking this product. 







Frankly, I'm prefer this jelly type than powder type. I don't know it was only me or what, I feel the powder type quite disgusting, especially when you mixed it with cold water, the powder will still floating on the surface even you stir it well. That's kinda gross for me. =X but with this jelly type, I can consume it with ease at anywhere. Just teat and i can eat it. The taste will be something like sweet and sour, Lychee flavour. First time to tried the jelly type of collagen and luckily it didn't disappoint me.

------------------------------------------Shini Lola