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Collagen Package 美肌胶原蛋白新年套装

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Derm-Aqua 胶原蛋白粉
((Main Active Ingredients/ Bahan Aktif Utama))
*Collactive™ (Marine Collagen + Elastin)
*PhytoCellTec™ triple stem cells (apple, grapges and argan)
*Cynatine® HNS
*Acerola Extract
*Citrus Bioflavonoids
*Grape Seed Extract

((Main Functions/ Fungsi Utama))
*Healthier and younger looking skin, hair and nails
((Kulit, rambut dan kuku menjadi lebih sihat dan muda))
*Slow down the aging process
((Melambatkan process penuaan))
*Improve skin moisture and elasticity
((Meningkatkan kelembapan dan keanjalan kulit))

((Uniqueness/ Keistimewaan))
*Manufacture in a accordance to HACCP and ISO 22000 standards
((Pengilang mengikut HACCP and piawai ISO 22000))




*Net Weight: 150g / bottle
*Preparation suggestion:
Mix 1 scoop (5g) with 150ml room temperature or cold water, stir well and drink. Best consume before bedtime.
*Serving size: 1 scoop daily. For better & faster results, take 2 scoops for first 3 months.
*Serving per bottle: 30 servings
*Storage condition: Store in a cold & dry place. Avoid from direct sunlight.

Color, texture, smell and taste may slightly vary from batch to batch due to the properties of all natural ingredients used.

CollASTA Jelly 美肌果冻条
1) Collactive®是来自于法国特别研发的胶原蛋白(鱼皮), 比普通品牌的胶原蛋白高出五倍的效用。临床证实每天只需2000毫克便能达到保湿、紧肤、除皱的效果。
2) AstaReal®虾红素源自于红球藻,日本技术、瑞典生产。经研究验证,其抗氧化能力是维他命C的6000倍,CoQ10的800倍和葡萄籽(grapeseed)的60倍,有效地对抗紫外线和自由基,达到美白、祛斑和抗老的效果。

1) 美味、Q弹口感、方便和轻巧
2) 高素质原料和高规格HACCP和GMP生产,品质保证
3) 零负担:无添加糖,色素及防腐剂,零脂肪和低卡(33kcal)
4) Halal清真,穆斯林适用

Women can not resist dessert: 
CollASTA Body Jelly contains clinically proven active ingredient:
1) Collactive® from France specially developed collagen (skin), higher than the average brand collagen fivefold effectiveness. Clinically proven to be able to reach only 2,000 mg daily moisturizing, firming, wrinkle effect.
2) AstaReal® astaxanthin derived from Haematococcus, Japanese technology, Swedish production. The study verified its antioxidant capacity is 6,000 times the vitamin C, CoQ10 800 times and grap es seed (grap eseed) 60 times, effective against UV rays and free radicals, whitening, lightening and anti-aging effects.

1) delicious, Q bomb taste, convenience and lightweight
2) of high-quality raw materials and high-standard HACCP and GMP production, quality assurance
3) zero burden: no added sugar, coloring and preservatives, zero fat and low-calorie (33kcal)
4) Halal halal Muslim applicable

Packing size: 20g x 10 sticks 

Recommended dosage: Take 1-2 stick daily.

Serving instruction: Tear the stick and ready to consume. This product should consume straight after opening.

Storage condition:

Jelly may lose color, flavour and may become watery if kept in temperature higher than 30°C. For better storage, refrigerate the jelly.

Color, texture, smell and taste may vary from batch to batch due to the properties of all natural ingredients used.

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