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**NEW** ((DETOX)) Prune Ace 全天然排毒活力养颜 送摇摇杯

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+++++((Main Active Ingredients))+++++

The Fascinating Facts of ORGANIC PRUNE.
***Iron, Vit C & Phenolic Compounds
***T-Sorbitol(Sugar alcohol that draws water into intestine & stimulate bowel movements)
***Water Soluble fiber

+++++((Medical Value))+++++

***Promote bowel Movement
***Reduce stomach cramp
***Spend up digestion

+++++((Prune Ace is specifically formulated to suit into our daily diet))+++++

***6 in 1 ALL NATURAL ingredients
***No added artificial flavour/ colour
***Remove excessive waste and fat
***An instant boost of Energy!
***supplying the body with more healing nutrients
***Rejuvenate skin cells

+++++((WHY PRUNE ACE))+++++

***Prune Ace effectively eliminates toxins that are stored deep within the tissues and organs
***Focussed Action - Specific action in colon
***Better Transit - Reduces transit time, increases volume of stool, stimulates colonic flora
***Prune ACE replenishes your cells with super nutrients rich in bioflavonoids and antioxidants
***Prune ACE boots your metabolism, increases endurance, strength and stamina
***Toxins eliminated from the body, your digestive system functions better, your skin is clearer, you feel leaner and lighter and energetic







+++++((为何选择PRUNE ACE))+++++

***简单排毒,轻松减脂,清肠美肌,活力充沛从PRUNE ACE出发

***Net Weight: 15 sachets x 30g
***Preparation suggestion:
Open a sachet along the tear mark and squeeze the content out slowly to consume directly. Can be mixed with warm/cold water as refreshing beverage.
***Serving size: 1 sachet daily. For better & faster results, take 2 sachets for first 3 months.    
***Storage condition: Store in a cold & dry place. Avoid from direct sunlight.
Color, texture, smell and taste may slightly vary from batch to batch due to the properties of all natural ingredients used.

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****This product ONLY applicable to delivery service